We develop ideas, build brands, and sell products. 

We're an advertising agency with a simple model: operate on a fixed cost, for a set period of time and deliverable. As a tent represents freedom and minimal necessity, our structure lets us help brands of all sizes when they need it most, minus the red tape and retainers. 


An outside partner.

Less salutation and more candor are vital to generating great work. Outside of a retainer-based relationship, everyone can speak more freely about problems and solutions. The benefit is mutual: We stay excited about new projects and our clients can tap into our expertise for specific marketing challenges, large or small.

Our camp makes more than ads.

Beyond experience at some of the most awarded ad agencies in the United States, our team has presented art, music, and philanthropic events. We're a community of technologists, artists, and advertising veterans dedicated to building brands and affecting culture. The badges below represent some of our treks in the marketing world thus far. 


Support the great outdoors. 

The organization, 1% For the Planet, founded by Patagonia Chairman, Yvon Chouinard, is a community of businesses that have chosen to contribute a percentage of gross revenues to environmental causes. We proudly support this group's collective mission to keep earth in business.